Donald Trump

Articles about the 45th President of the United States and all his deeds

First 100 days Part 2

The verdicts in the media Evaluation of media also reflect the extraordinary split of America. Steadfast conservatives exude enthusiasm. The “best “first 100″ in my life”  entitled published on Thursday an article by Mark Davis, who was born in 1957 and is still admired Reagan. Davis writes that the first 14 weeks presidency has eclipsed […]

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First 100 days Part 1

100 days  long enough to ensure that voters and analysts could assess the activities of the new leader. Before it was invented by Franklin Roosevelt, no concept of the first 100 days of presidency in the US, and Roosevelt actually had in mind the first 100 days of the special session of Congress convened in […]

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A military conflict with North Korea is possible

Trump really wants to resolve the issue with North Korea quietly, his management is planning fresh sanctions from the nation. He’d would rather solve the problem diplomatically, although the united states Leader Donald Trump stated that the confrontation with North Korea over its atomic plan can lead to a significant military turmoil. Trump thinks the Northern Korean […]

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